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Stop Excessive Dog Barking – How to Get My Dog to Stop Barking At People.


“How to get my dog to stop barking at people?” Is this question been popping in your mind every so often these days? Well, before making plans to stop excessive dog barking behavior, it is only right that we first zero in on the root cause of this problem.

This way, we will be able to make better decisions, get the issue under control as quickly as possible before the neighbors’ get completely riled up and start complaining to the authorities (gulp). 

So what are the possible causes that propelled your beloved doggy to bark at people all the time?



how to get my dog to stop barking at people

I'm bored...

Have you been neglecting your dog for some time?  Like chaining him outside - not spending adequate playing time with the poor guy, not going out for walks or some exercise?

If your answer is yes, then think about this...

Since your dog has nothing to do except mucking outside the house with a collar and chain stuck to his neck, of course he’s going to start yapping whenever he sees people walking past the house.

It’s a source of stimulation for your dog to be able to bark at people and see them walking away.

What else can he do?

He's deprived of adequate mental stimulation and in addition to this, there's no place for him to vent out his excess energy. Boredom can lead to stressful aggression so beware!


Natural Behavior

Barking is a totally normal behavior. It’s how dogs communicate. They bark if there’s something amiss, when they are excited, hungry, alarmed, etc. After all, you don’t want a dog who keeps his trap shut when a burglar is ransacking your house ;)


Certain breeds are prone to excessive barking

That’s right. Some breeds can be extremely barky so you need to be really patient with them. You need to invest more time to train these breeds to stop their excessive barking behavior. Breeds that tend to bark excessively are Collie, Shetland sheepdog, Dachshund, Beagle, and Schnauzer.

stop excessive dog barking

Hi, I'm a Schnauzer. I love barking excessively and drive you insane in the process!

I have a Beagle by the name of Pekoe and for the longest time I could never get this dog to stop barking at people. The special clicker training technique I learned from this course helped me enormously, but you have to be patient and consistent to make it work.


Poor Socialization.

If you deprive your pet the chance to meet many different folks, then you’re bound to have a dog that won’t stop barking at people. One time, my super introvert buddy (let's call him Andy) bought himself a dog.

So Andy asked me the exact same question, “how to get my dog to stop barking at people?” Instead of giving an answer, I first asked Andy a couple of questions.

Well, well, it turns out he bought the dog some time ago and kept him in a room on the second floor of his house. He never takes the dog out for a walk (only took him for a stroll around the house balcony!).

He plays with his dog in the house, on the second floor exclusively. So when he decided to place the dog outside, well it was barking fiesta of course! The dog would bark at anyone who comes by or walk past the house.


Here are some ways for you to solve this problem.

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